Journal Trifid

The Trifid is the official periodical of the Darwiniana society. It has been in circulation since the year 1996 and throughout that time it has gone through many changes. Since 2015 it is published 2× a year, printed on the B5 paper format. The magazine is printed in colour and it has a supplement which is black and white.

The main contents of the magazine are articles about a wide range of carnivorous plants and other botanical curiosities. Inside, you can find information about anatomy ad morphology of plants, news about plant observation in their natural habitat, reports from expeditions to interesting locations, handy growing tips, useful information about what is happening at Darwiniana, invitations to assorted events and meetings, summaries from the internet forum and news from the society’s seed bank.

As the Trifid is the mouthpiece of Darwiniana it should be filled cover to cover with supplements of its members – whether it be articles, photographies or sketches. We would like to appeal to the broader member base and ask for their input with the publication as well as all other friends of carnivorous plants and other botanical curiosities and visitors to our webforum. We will also be very grateful for any cooperation relevant to the content of the Trifid, especially original articles about carnivorous plants growing tips and field trips. Also we would appreciate any interesting photos you may have as well as help with foreign language translations. Please, do not hesitate in contacting us if you are willing to contribute in any small way to the publication of the Trifid. It would be really appreciated.

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Editorial Board

  • Patrik Hudec
  • 2Mixal – graphics
  • Jana Rubešová, Patrik Hudec – distribution
  • Michal Rubeš – type setter

It is possible to obtain back issues of the Trifid in the Darwiniana Library or they can be downloaded from the Storage on the Darwiniana's webpages.

One of our helpers, Jan Hradil, compiled a list of articles into a clear table where you can find all relevant information.