Trifid 2011/4

Miloslav Macháček

The natural monument „Na Plachtě“ is surely well known for many of our czech readers. The author decided to explore it more detaily and therefore he went directly to the locality to find out how it is with an occurrence of carnivorous plants. If the expedition was successful and what else you can find in the locality, you can read in the article.

Jirka Vaněk

The question of feeding this beautiful sundew is duscussed among growers a quite long time. The author decided to clearly determine the effect of feeding this plant and shows us the difference between fed and not-fed plantation. Results of his experiment are brought out in this article.

Albert Damaška

An interesting article this time extraordinarily not about carnivorous plants but many other amazing plants and organisms from Sardinia. This time you can read about lots of orchids species and many representatives of the local fauna, particularly beetles.

Kateřina Mertová

Detailed overview of habitat in which occurs one of the Drosera subspeciesBryastrum - also known as pygmy sundews. Article also contains description of the subspecies division by the shape of gemmae.

A. Lowrie, J. G. Conran

Continuing the description of species from the complex of Drosera whittakeri. In this part you will learn about Drosera praefolia and Drosera schmutzii.

Jaroslav Neubauer, Mirek Macák, Pepa Malínský

Another part of the narrative about the European Pinguiculas journey. This time we can also read about another representatives of carnivorous plants - Drosophylum.

Martin Maloušek

Next part of of the series about microscoping. This time Martin will introduce some interesting organism specimens.