Trifid 2013/3&4

  • volume 18
  • ISSN 1214-4134
  • pages 76
  • closing date 30.11.2013

Dan Hordějčuk

Notes and pictures from a field trip to the Oblík NRR, organised by the the Czech Botanical Society.

Patrik Hudec

There was again an exhibition of carnivorous plants and other botanical curiosities held by our non-profit organization Darwiniana together with the Botanical garden of the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague in June 2013. For the tenth time, we bring you many amazing photos and interesting notes from its course. Of course, not even a financial side can be skipped.

Katka Králová, Jarda Neubauer, Dan Hordějčuk

We find our trio of friends at the very end of their long journey across the south of the Old Continent. This time, they head for Italy to search for relatively newly described butterworts Pinguicula apuana and Pinguicula mariae.

Jaroslav Neubauer

The author shares with you not just some of his field trip observations, but something of his vast experience in growing European butterworts as well. Jarda Neubauer nurses many species of butterworts from seeds for years, so he can talk about them in detail.

Jakub Štěpán

The autor of this article has always been interested in northern areas, so he was glad of an unique opportunity to finally travel to the Lemmenjoki National Park in Finland. Now you can enjoy some of his pictures and own experience of this place.

Jiří Vítek

The another part of the article about symbiosis between Nepenthes and ants and termites.

Albert Damaška

A report on an expedition to Thailand. Although originally intended mainly as an enthomological one, the author and his friends also found time to look for some botanical curiosities, pitcher plants included.

Stewart McPherson

Information about maybe less known but very beautiful genus among all sticky-leaved insect-eating plants – Byblis 'the rainbow plant' which name is based on the story of the Greek goddess Byblis.

Christian Dietz

The second part of the article about the expedition to the Western Cape province of the Republic of South Africa where many Drosera species were discovered and of course from the carnivorous plant universe not just only the sundews.