Trifid 2009/4

Michal Kouba

General information about the progress of the How to Grow project. The goal is to find the most convenient conditions for different species of carnivorous plants.

Albert Damaška

The author's visit to the Northern Italian botanical garden in Merano.

Mirek Zacpal

The end of the author's walkabout in Australia and his experiences. Including his last trips full of sundews of the D. petiolaris group and other species, e.g.: D. pygmaea, D. arcturi, D. spathulata etc.

Miroslav Homolka

The author's first steps at growing cacti mainly and practical observations.

Adam Veleba

The following information is about South American's sundews, this article focuses on species D. montana, D. tomentosa and D. tentaculata.

Lubomír Adamec

Zdeněk Žáček

The regeneration of this sundew from roots.

Jaroslav Neubauer

Advice about year-round growing in our natural conditions of some species of carnivorous plants in the garden pit.

Adam Veleba

The progress and results in the current year part of the experiment - D. cistoflora.

Miroslav Homolka

A review about the exhibition which took place in Bílina.

Jaroslav Neubauer

A summary of the beginning and the progress of protection works in the P. bohemica natural habitat.

A. Lowrie, S. Carlquist (translation by Zdeněk Žáček)

A regular series with very detailed and intense description of sundews D. nivea and D. silvicola.

Lucie Bartoňová

We do not only go searching for carnivorous plants. The author of this article went out to find Sphagnum moss and her trip was not so easy.