Trifid 2011/2

Patrik Hudec

President of our society sums up the most important events from the 8th year of Darwiniana’s traditional CP exhibition which was held in Botanical garden of Charles University in Prague in June 2011.

Karol Gazdik

A comprehensive article containing basic information about the only species in a Darlingtonia genus – Darlingtonia californica. The author describes plant’s characteristic signs and compares them with the Darlingtonia’s closest relatives – Heliamphora and Sarracenia. The second part of the article contains particular description of growing conditions and a plenty of useful tips how to achieve the plant’s best grow

Vašek Kubín

The last part of the series portraying almost 1 month of hiking in Borneo supplemented by amazing pictures from the wild and tons of unbelievable stories the author came through during the expedition. This time we’ll be introduced to several botanical species of Nepenthes genus and some natural hybrids too. But the biggest attention is paid to 2 rare beauties – Nepenthes villosa and Nepenthes rajah.

Adam Veleba

This time our librarian doesn’t present any CP book but perfectly composed magazine with loads of remarkable articles and plenty of astonishing photos published by friendly German society GFB.

Jirka Vaněk

The author introduces another sundew from petiolaris complex. You can learn many interesting things about it’s appearance, growing strategy, temperature and humidity conditions in it’s habitat. And the most important – how to grow this Australian stunner.

Jakub Štěpán

The author describes his about 1 year long way of successful bladderwort hybridization from the cross-pollination to sowing seeds and finally a joy from the first bloom of the new hybrid.

Jakub Štěpán

In some of the previous Trifid journal you could learn how Cephaotus follicularis deals with light frost. This time the author went further and tried to let this plant overwinter outdoors together with Drosophylum exposed to quite long czech winter.

Dan Hordějčuk, Katka Braunová

Next article from How-To-Grow experiment in which several teams of growers try to find the best growing condition for different carnivorous plants and break several common myths about their requirements. This time we bring results of Drosera burkeana team from the first phase which was focused to find the most convenience type of soil for this sundew.

Jarda Neubauer, Pepa Malínský, Mirek Macák

The third part of the report from hiking over European butterworts localities. Described part of the journey was focused mainly to habitats of Pinguicula longifolia but we can also learn about some other Pinguicula species. The goal of this journey – to find a locality with red coloured plants – was achieved after all although no one had believed in succes. You can read not only about butterworts but many other interesting and rare plants too.