Trifid 2014/1

  • volume 19
  • ISSN 1214-4134
  • pages 48
  • closing date 31.03.2014

Thomas Carow

Translated article from 2005 with description of Heliamphora sarracenoides, which is quite young species in our cultivations.

Christian Dietz

The last part of the story about authors' journey to South Africa. They met a lot of carnivorous plants such as sundews and Roridula and made some interesting trips to crocodile farm, lion park and sharks watching on the sea.

Adam Veleba

Summary of recent revisions through Drosera genus. You can find out, which species have wrong names in the cultivation or which new species where separated among related complex.

Karol Gazdík

New information about construction of traps of different CPs' species. The author looked a genera Utricularia, Genlisea, Dionaea and Nepenthes.

Jiří Vítek

Another article about symbiosis between CPs and other species. This time we will look at organisms living in liquids inside traps. The author mentions which organisms can live in different CPs' species, how the food chain in liquid works and how we can divide them into categories according to their way of living.

Jakub Štěpán

Jakub introduces basic rules for taking pictures of plants in case we want to have an attractive picture of plants and not only common one, which we can find everywhere.