Trifid 2010/2

Jana Rubešová

Jana was asked to arrange a lecture in a nursery specializing in ecology and nature. She talked in front of a group of about 40 excited children who were able to answer a lot of her questions. To make the lecture more interesting, Jana brought in some common carnivorous plants and the children could touch their sticky leaves, try the traps of Dionaea muscipula or see some Nepenthes.

Tomáš Both, Pavel Hájek, Pavel Říčný

A report from the first year of the experiment. The members of the S. purpurea Team found out the impact of temperature, water quality, substrate and fertilization on the growth and vitality of plants. The best looking plants weren't fertilized, but watered with distilled water and cultivated in peat and without extreme temperature fluctuation.

Václav Kubín

A continuation of the author's story, climbing 1000 m crossfall and discovering some Nepenthes species. The author also mentions the importance of good drinking regime – what happened to him near the end of his journey when he had drunk all water 2 km before the end of the second stage and the following expedition in the Bako National Park.

Klára Madejová

The author describes the difficulties of a coexisting with a botanist with every available space around the flat taken up with plants. Trips to moorlands and mountains, instead of sunbathing on beaches, waiting hours for a botanist who is looking for carnivorous plants and then taking photos of said plants.

The first trip to this location wasn't a working day. We were looking for Pinguicula bohemica and there were many of them. Our hard work had paid off. We also visited some other locations. In some of them the plants had disappeared completely, in others there weren't many to see.

Ivo Koudela

A book review of photographs from an exhibition of carnivorous plants photos in the Botanical garden in Liberec. These photographs came from many famous photographers, for example F. Rivadavia, S. McPherson, M. Studnička… and are supplied with short texts both in Czech and English by M. Studnička.

Zbyněk Elingr

An article with lots nice photos from last summer's trip to Finland and its national parks, full of beautiful forests, lakes and glaciers. The author also visited moorlands with Drosera anglica and Utricularia intermedia. He also found some pretty orchids Calypso bulbosa which he describes at the end of his article.

John Yates (translation by Patrik Hudec)

John tried to see this Drosera in bloom. Nobody actually knew, when this plant came into bloom, but it had to be pretty soon, because March was too late for these plants. The author visited the location once again, when the seed pods were almost ripe. He had expected many seedlings from last year's seeds but, in fact he had none.

Jiří Vaněk

The author's trip starts at the Bohinj lake and continues along the Mostnica river with strangely shaped rocks where Pinguicula alpina and P. vulgaris can be found. Then they rose to a higher altitude where the weather was cloudy and foggy, but fortunately not raining. Still some butterworts can be found and also a group of impressive ibexes (Capra ibex) with approx. 1 m long horns.

Jakub Štěpán

Jakub describes this strange genus of plants which has small plants growing on the edge of its leaves.