Trifid 2008/2

Martin Spousta

There are lots of secrets about trying to keep this plant outside of its natural environment. Important information about natural habitats are also in the article.

Allen Lowrie (translation by Zdeněk Žáček)

A taxonomic revision of Drosera section Stolonifera, part I. A great description of the first two species of the tuberous sundews group, Drosera fimbriata and Drosera humilis.

Stewart McPherson (translation by Zdeněk Žáček)

There are still many differences between H. tatei and H. macdonaldae. It is a pity that many growers think about this unique plant only as a H. tatei variety.

Michal Kouba

An useful article about in vitro technique with a stress on how to clamp down possible contamination.

Adam Veleba

The author visited many bog fields and wet meadows in the Třeboň area where a large majority of Czech carnivorous plants grow. There are many carnivorous species found in quite small area and the author describes the findings of six of them.

Miloslav Studnička

Heliconias are very tall tropical plants with flowers pollinated by humming birds. The name is not the only thing which is divine and mythological.

Mirek Zacpal

A trip to the Blue Mountains was very successful and the author found many examples of this famous plant growing in a very broad temperature scale.

  • Report of the Darwiniana general meeting in Liberec: Entry of the official part and voting of the General meeting in Liberec
  • New books: Stewart McPherson – Lost worlds of the Guiana Highlands, Glistening Carnivores
  • Carnivores in Brno – notes about the Brno exhibition
  • Report from the public forum
  • Librarian recommends…

Veronika Krejčová

  • A review of the Živa magazine – What you can read in the current issue.
  • Jan Cvrček: How to manage the decay of Sarracenias
  • Michal Rubeš: Growers – the real pest
  • Michal Rubeš: Visit to Česká Lípa’s natural habitats of carnivores and orchids
  • Attention! Competition - Finding a plant with a story!