Trifid 2008/4

Stewart McPherson (translation by Zdeněk Žáček)

There are only three species still with carnivorous ability in the Bromeliaceae family which are distinctly visible: Brocchinia reducta, B. hechtioides and Catopsis berteroniana. While these brocchinias grow on bare rocks, the Catopsis berteroniana is exclusively found as an epiphytic form. The basic morphological similarities between the pitcher plant – such as bromeliads and true carnivorous species with pitchers are often remarkable.

Allen Lowrie (translation by Zdeněk Žáček)

A taxonomic revision of the sundews of the Stolonifera section, part III. Dealing with tuberous sundews the author A. Lowrie describes Drosera porrecta. This species is different from all other species of the Stolonifera section having a single erect axis with whirls along its long.

Jirka Vaněk

The author describes his experience with growing these interesting and unusual Australian sundews. He presents the basic differences among single species of this section: their long and fragrant roots, high demands on warm and light conditions, irregular resting phases with various types of soil humidity and also the artificial lighting is a key factor as these sundews need a lot of light through all the year. The writer concludes that when we fulfil all these requirements we can grow them successfully.

Adam Veleba

When you mention the Alps the first thing which comes to mind is Pinguicula alpina. The writer visited Krakautal where he could see for example Pinguicula vulgaris, Drosera rotundifolia and many other interesting plants. There are also butterworts and sundews growing on forest runs among stones.

Adam Veleba

Adam was so charmed with the flora of swamps and bogs that he visited several such areas during his holidays. The carnivorous plants aren't the only interesting items of these very hard inaccessible places.

Mirek Zacpal

Mirek, our member who temporarily moved to Australia, describes carnivorous plants and other botanical curiosities he saw. The photos of Drosera pygmaea from the front cover of this issue are connected with this article. Mirek discovered this species of the pygmy sundews growing together with Drosera spathulata and D. peltata. He also took photos of a flowering plant of the Xantrorhoea genus.