Trifid 2013/2

  • volume 18
  • ISSN 1214-4134
  • pages 52
  • closing date 31. 5. 2013

Katka Králová, Jarda Neubauer, Dan Hordějčuk

You can read about Spanish part of expedition for Pinguicula species. Sometimes it wasn´t easy, sometimes it was funny as we met with a few animals from very close distance as a bonus.

Lubomír Adamec

There is a short description of the plant at the beginning of the article. After one year of cultivation, the author gives you his own experience how to grow U. inflexa.

Jakub Štěpán

There are 13 species of carnivorous plants in the Czech Republic. You can read about them in this article. You don´t get information where to find them, this article can be used as a tip what you can find in our country and if you want, you can find more information from other sources.

Stewart McPherson

As you can see in the headline, this article is about expedition to Sulawesi, where Stewart tried (and he managed to) find pitcher plants. One of the goals of expedition was to find new pitcher plants, which he was told about. Did he succeed? You can find the answer in this article.

Jaroslav Neubauer

A trip to Moravian localities with many nice orchids. There are many pictures in this article, so you can easily look, which species the author found.

Jiří Vítek

In the last magazine you could find the article about symbiosis between Nepenthes and birds and mammals. Here is the next part, where the author describes symbiosis with ants and termites. This topic is divided into two parts.

Patrik Hudec

The botany garden Liberec is something like Mecca of Czech growers of CPs. We saw unavailable greenhouses, lecture about expedition to Cuba and there was a small informative meeting about news in our society with elections to the board.