Carnivorous Plants Exhibition & EEE 2005

The Darwiniana Carnivorous Plants Exhibition: 15. 9. – 25. 9. 2005 (Thu–Sun)
The European Carnivorous Plant Exchange and Exhibition (EEE): 17.–18. 9. 2005 (Sat–Sun)

Vlastik Rybka. Reprinted from the Journal Trifid No. 3/2005:


Phil Wilson – A CP´s grower with a special interest in the Sarracenia genus, The Great Britain.
Dr. Ing. Gert Hoogenstrijd – An ecologist and a CP´s grower with the accent to the Heliamphora genus, Netherlands.,
Vlastimil Rybka is an ecologist, a nature conservationist and a CP´s grower with a special interest in the Nepenthes genus. He is a worker of The Prague Botanical Garden (Fata Morgana), the Czech Republic.
Romana Rybková is employed in The PBG (The Fata Morgana management) as her husband above.
Hans Luhrs – a specialist in the Pinguicula genus, especially in the Mexican species, Netherlands.
Krayenhoffstr. 51, 1018 RJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.
RNDr. Miloslav Studnička - The director of The Botanical Garden in Liberec, Czech republic.
RNDr. Luboš Adamec – A scientist at The Institution of The Plant physiology in Třeboň, Dukelská 135, CZ-379 82 Třeboň, the Czech Republic.
A. Pavlovič – a student of the Science Faculty, a specialist in the plant physiology, the Slovak Republic.