Trifid 2015/2

Drosera magnifica: The greatest of South American Drosera

Adam Veleba

Introduction, description and a lot of pictures of the recently discovered Drosera species.

Pinguicula bohemica – our carnivorous endemic species, part 2

Jakub Štěpán

Second part of the article about this Czech species. This time we focus on specific locations and species' conservation.

Growing of tuberous Drosera

Dieter Kadereit

Unlike many other carnivorous species, tuberous Drosera have the main growing season during our winter. In the article you will find out what conditions they need for successful growth and what to do when you want to start growing them from seeds.

Expedition to the remote mountain regions of Mindanao Island, Philippines

Thomas Gronemeyer

Report full of pictures from expedition to the Philippines (2012) where few new Nepenthes species were discovered.

Drought tolerant pitcher plants of Thailand

Stewart McPherson

Description of three Nepenthes species from Thailand adapted to local dry season.

Symbiosis of Carnivorous Plants: part 8: Inhabitants of phytotelms missing species

Jiří Vítek

Another article about organisms inhabiting traps of carnivorous plants. This time we will look at species with adhesive types of traps, i.e. Drosera, Pinguicula, Roridula, Byblis, etc.