Trifid 2015/1

Pinguicula bohemica – Our Carnivorous Endemic Species, part 1

Jakub Štěpán

Introduction of Pinguicula species growing only in the Czech Republic, its description, ecology and comparison with similar species. One of the subchapters focuses on question, whether it is really a specific species or should be considered as a subspecies.

Why It Is Dangerous to Introduce Plants into the Wild Nature

Jakub Štěpán

In the article you find out, why it is a bad idea to introduce plants into the nature, especially when it is not their original habitat, and what risks it brings for the present species and for the whole habitat.

How to Take Care of the Venus Fly Trap

Stewart McPherson

The main part of the article tells us, what conditions are at the original habitat of Dionaea muscipula and how we should simulate them in our homes to get nice and healthy plants.

Symbiosis of Carnivorous Plants – part 6: Inhabitants of Phytotelms (part 4)

Jiří Vítek

In the first half of the article there is a summary of inhabitants regarding specific genuses of carnivorous plants. The second part brings us detailed information about the food chain in traps of Sarracenia purpurea.