Trifid 2013/1

Snap-tentacles and runway lights

Irmgard and Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer

Detailed description of various Drosera tentacles.

What´s new in Europe? – part 1

Dan Hordějčuk, Katka Králová, Jarda Neubauer

There were articles about travelling across Europe and looking for Pinguicula species in previous magazines. One of their authors visited these localities again last year and now you can read about the expedition and how the places had changed.

Utricularia jamesoniana and U. asplundii – two sisters in the culture

Jarda Neubauer

Experiences with keeping these two plants and short summary of differences between them.

Symbiosis and carnivorous plants – part 1: Nepenthes versus birds and mammals

Jiří Vítek

At the beginning of this text the author describes what is symbiosis and possible types of relations between two organisms. Rest of the article is devoted to relations between Nepenthes species and animals, especially birds and mammals.