Trifid 2012/2

Germinating old seeds

Pavel Brzeska

The author left carnivorous plants 10 years ago and now he has returned to his hobby. He decided to grow plants from his old seeds and now you can read which species germinate willingly and which don´t.

Anatomy of Genlisea traps

Karol Gazdik

Photographs and experience from observing Genlisea traps through a microscope.

The second journey to Florida, part 2: Apalachicola National Forest

Gerald Comte

A field report from the journey through Florida. You can read not only about Sarracenia genus, but also about Drosera, Utricularia and some non-carnivorous plants.

CPs Exhibition 2012

Patrik Hudec

A report from the carnivorous plants exhibition organized by Darwiniana and Botanical Garden of Charles University in Pague.

Travelling across Patagonia

Jan Novák

A report from the journey to Patagonia in South America, which was focused mainly on cacti.

Utricularia vulgaris in Hrabanovska cernava

Jakub Štěpán

Jakub visits Czech carnivorous plants in their habitats very often. In this article you can read about the expansion of Utricularia vulgaris in last few years.

Pinguicula jarmilae alias Pinguicula chuquisacensis

Adam Veleba

Experience with growing and a description of this plant which is known for only a few years.

Lightening of LED diodes for CPs

Adam Veleba

Experience with and information about the impact of light-emitting diodes (LED) on growth of carnivorous plants.