Trifid 2011/3

Butterworts (Pinguicula) in Slovakia aca What I have and have not found

Jan Grünwald

Short story about the trip to Slovakian eden where the beautiful nature is a satisfaction even if you don't find carnivorous plants.

Visit to the city of Cairns – searching for „three sisters“

Richard Nunn, Greg Bourke

This comprehensive article brings you lots of surprising information about great Australian deep forest sundews – Drosera adelae, Drosera prolifera and Drosera schizandra. You will learn everything about how they live and grow happily ever after.

Second time far away to Florida to look for Sarracenia, part 1: Tate's Hell State Forest

Gerald Comte

Sometimes we travel far away from home to find our dear carnivorous plants which fact proves this article. Author's ten hours journey was a self offering but not fruitless. So you can also see beautiful pictures of different species of carnivorous plants – pitcher plants, sundews and bladderworts.

The librarian introduces...Australian press

Adam Veleba

Let's get to know some magazines specialized in carnivorous plants – this time from Australia.

Microuniverse excursions – part 2.

Jirka Vaněk

Next series about the things that are not visible to the naked eye. This time you get some advice how to have a look into the microuniverse yourself.

Drosera aff. paradoxa – the orange dwarf sundew of northern Australia

Jiří Vaněk

In this article the author, who has addict himself to grow „dwarf sundews“, describes experiences with this plant which has amazing and breathtaking orange flowers.

Drosera whittakerii revision and a desription of a new species of The Kangaroo Island, Southern Australia – part 2

A. Lowrie, J. G. Conran

Series continues with a detailed description of Drosera aberrans – sundew of Drosera whittakerii complex.

Amazing South-Americans IV.

Adam Veleba

After a pause the series is back! The author introduces us some of South American sundews. This time focused on Drosera chrysolepis and Drosera camporupestris.

Second expedition – and Butterworts (Pinguicula) again...IV.

Jarda Neubauer, Pepa Malínský, Mirek Macák

Series of expeditions to look for european species of butterworts. This time focused on Pinguicula mundii mainly.