Trifid 2009/3

Kosiště project – An autumn pruning of reeds

Michal Rubeš

The experience of pruning reeds on a fen meadow with endemic Pinguicula bohemica are described in this article.

Group ride of Darwiniana - A trip to Krkonoše mountains

Kateřina Braunová

Some words about the group trip to the Krkonoše National Park and its nature, where the members saw some rare plants such as Platanthera bifolia, Blechnum spicant, Pyrola minor, Veratrum album, Hieracium aurantiacum and Gymnadenia conopsea.

Australian remarks

John Yates (translation by Patrik Hudec)

John Yates sent us a lot of information about Anstey Hill Recreation Park and NP Onkaparinga River in Australia. The wild population and the habitats of Drosera peltata, Drosera glanduligera, Drosera whittakeri, Drosera auriculata, Drosera macrantha subsp. planchonii and Drosera praefolia are described.

Pretty South Americans

Adam Veleba

The first part of a literary review about South American sundews. It consists of an introduction chapter on the habitat, taxonomy and basic growing information and a chapter on describing the complex of Drosera villosa (D. villosa, D. ascendens and D. graomogolensis).


Adding water to the pitchers, what is it good for?

Michal Rubeš

The importance of adding water to the pitchers of Nepenthes is mentioned, as it is very useful in dry conditions.

International agreement CITES

Adam Kurz

What is CITES, its role in EU and Czech, plants and especially CPs in CITES appendices.

Helping with restoration of the fen meadow near Loučeň - Stage two

Jakub Štěpán

The second article about pruning another fen meadow with population of rare Pinguicula bohemica. It is not only work, it can also be fun, says Jakub.

Cheap cooling of highland Nepenthes terrarium

Lucie Bartoňová

Simple and cheap cooling of a terrarium with highland Nepenthes. Only ice cubes and PC fan are needed.

European butterworts, how did I grow them?

Jaroslav Neubauer

How to succesfully grow European butterworts such as Pinguicula grandiflora, Pinguicula longifolia, Pinguicula vallisneriifolia, Pinguicula mundii and Pinguicula dertonensis? Very useful and quite surprising information is given. The key is an appropriate substrate, untreated lime clay is the best.

Allen Lowrie's window – 8 new genus of sundews from Australia, part 1

Allen Lowrie (translation by Zdeněk Žáček)

Pygmy sundews from southwest Australia: Drosera citrina, Drosera lasiantha, Drosera nivea, Drosera silvicola, Drosera stelliflora and tuberous sundews Drosera bicolor, Drosera macrophylla subsp. monatha from the same area. These new taxons and differences between them and similar species are described.

Darwiniana Exhibition 2009

Michal Kouba, Patrik Hudec

A summary from our exhibition, which is traditionally arranged at the end of summer.