Trifid 2008/1

Drosera cistiflora

Martin Spousta

Although this plant comes from the Cape Town region of Africa like the indestructible Drosera capensis, it is not easy to enrich the collection with its nice big flowers. On the other hand your patience will be rewarded when you find the optimal conditions for growing this interesting sundew.

Allen Lowrie's window

Allen Lowrie (translation by Zdeněk Žáček)

The end of the two part article Taxonomical review of tuberous sundews with yellow flowers from south-west of Western Australia.
This time we learn details about shape and the needs of sundews Drosera subhirtella and Drosera zigzagia. Again it is accompanied by the author's original drawings. This article is translated and published with the author's kind permission for which we thank him very much.

Mirek Zacpal's Australian diary – Drosera spathulata

Mirek Zacpal

Our colleague who actually is located directly at the source helps us to free off possible doubts about the origin of this sundew in our collections.

Czech terminology (nomenclature) in the practice at botanical gardens

Miloslav Studnička

Reflections on the state of Czech names of plants and outline of possible solutions presented at the conference Botanical system and evidence of plants in botanical gardens. We kindly thank the author and editor for their permission to publish this extremely interesting article.

Propagation of carnivorous plants in the "in vitro" tissue cultures

Michal Kouba

The author has been successfully engaged in tissue cultures for a long time and in this article he picked out advice about the right medium to set the culture up correctly.

Should growers be allowed to have chance to own endangered plants?

Michal Rubeš

A philosophical thought on the price which our nature must pay for our often uncritical desires to own everything strange and rare.

What's new in the Liberec Botanical Garden

Miloslav Studnička

Although it seems, that in this northern botanical garden will spring be late, the very opposite is true. Not only the conditions in the glasshouse are something to be seen but the opportunity to take photos and the outdoor exposition also surprises us with lesser-known species of rock garden plants.


Drosera hartmeyerorum

Jaroslav Rajsner & Katka Braunová

Notes about right growing

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